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Prostatitis and BPH are not in themselves life-threatening, although causes discomfort and can be painful. Tadalafil best price , although these diseases are not fatal, they represent a serious problem for the men, denying his sexuality and self-confidence.

Prostate wonder even the ancient Greek physicians called "the second heart of man." Prostate accounts for not less than 50% of the blood volume, which supplies the pelvic organs in the sexual state of rest, and over 80% of the blood - a state of sexual arousal. Its function in the male body is invaluable: it makes it possible to conceive children, a normal sex life, and even ... to successfully "take a leak" after two liters of beer. And on this form glandular-muscular body resembles the heart.

Prostate performs most thankless job in a male body. When she regularly performs his duties, it is not noticed, remembered about its existence only when it begins to cause problems.

Here are the four tadalafil 20mg most important functions performed by the prostate:

The first - generation of prostaglandin E, involved in the blood supply to the pelvic organs and is responsible for a full erection.

Second - to develop prostate secretion, sperm fertility maintenance and improvement of its quality.

The third - the separation process from the process of urination (and liquids) ejaculation. The main thing in it - has thrown prevent semen into the bladder.

Fourth - the responsibility for the tadalafil generic of urination: it holds the urine and provides its full flight at the right time.

Prostate has a role in the formation of pleasant sensations during orgasm, and at family planning functions it performs prigotovitelya cocktails and delivery services.

prostate secret contains many substances - proteins, enzymes, immunoglobulins, vitamins and metal ions. Such diversity-tion set for two decades provides the energy needs of the sperm, a protective function and contribute to liquefaction of the ejaculate.

In addition, according to a recently proposed hypothesis, the prostate is not only regulates the production of the most important male hormone - testosterone - but it produces itself. This role is becoming more important with age when testosterone production by the testes is increasingly reduced.

Infectious diseases, such as mumps, brucellosis, typhus, tularemia, tuberculosis, influenza, viral hepatitis, - if they run, can lead to inflammation of the prostate gland - prostatitis - and subsequently cause prostate adenoma. Stand out sexually transmitted diseases, sexually transmitted diseases.

When inflammation of the buy tadalafil swells and becomes painful. In many cases, the cause of the disease is a bacterial infection, in other cases, the cause can not be identified. Prostatitis can be associated with the stagnation of blood in the pelvic organs, hypothermia, and so on. N., Up to sexual excesses. Prostatitis is the most common prostate disease in men younger than 50 years.

It is often found in men as prostate adenoma, which is a benign tumor. It affects every other man of advanced age, which is caused by hormonal factors. Untreated BPH can cause urinary disorders, urinary tract infection, renal failure, formation of stones in the bladder, and so on. D. Less common cancers of the prostate or urethra.

Infectious tadalafil online can occur because of infection with inflammation of the urethra or bladder, even with angina, influenza or tuberculosis. It can be both acute and chronic.

The development of chronic prostatitis in men usually requires the presence of diseases caused by protozoa. The cause may also be chronic intoxication, for example, alcohol abuse, nicotine use, and similar drugs.

Other factors such as chronic perineal trauma (cyclists, motorcyclists, motorists, and so on. D.) Are more likely to exacerbate latent infectious processes in the prostate, but are unlikely to be the real cause of prostatitis.

Even 15 years ago, many cialis tadalafil agree with the fact that the occurrence of prostatitis promotes a sedentary lifestyle. Today, however, after the advent of modern methods of diagnosis, doctors have abandoned the "stagnant" prostatitis. Prostatitis - not hemorrhoids on sedentary work you do not earn. The most common prostate earn by infections, sexually transmitted infections or other pathogens.

Every year younger diseases - prostatitis suffer already from 20 years. And just 15 years ago it was a disease of those over 40.

Today, chronic prostatitis suffers up to 80% of the male population of the planet. The problem is that, when untreated acute prostatitis becomes chronic, then it is very difficult to cure. The treatment can be time-consuming and not always successful. Besides, as soon as you stop taking the medication, you may again become worse, so you might have to take them in small doses every day for an indefinite time, to keep the infection under control.

Infectious prostatitis is most often caused by chlamydia. Chlamydia - is now the most common disease transmitted sexually, they are the cause of half of infertile marriages. Chlamydia also causes and eye disease (trachoma), and joints.

Massage of the prostate through the anus until recently was widely used in the treatment of prostatitis. But the tadalafil dosage idea of ​​the development of prostatitis, and new treatments have led to the abandonment of rectal massage in all major clinics in Russia. And in the West, this method of treatment have never been used.

Will you be doing yourself a massage, if you run up a finger? Probably will not find many hunters climb the wall of pain or lovers earn sepsis.

In addition, the documented cases where rectal massage led to the cracking of the rectum, the development of inflammatory processes in it and the appearance of ulcers. The best kind of massage to the prostate gland is a natural ejaculation: it is a pleasure, and efficiently.
URX - supplement for the protection of the urinary tract

Prevention of prostatitis includes measures of safe sex, and compliance with general hygiene of the lower body, and increasing resistance to urinary tract bacterial infections. There's a great new supplement URX, active ingredients which are specific to the protection of the urinary tract. Due to its natural components support the health of the urinary cialis tadalafil at several levels. By the way, URX can successfully apply and women who suffer frequent cystitis, urethritis and other inflammatory-governmental urinary tract diseases.

Sometimes men come to the doctor with suspected prostatitis, but they are not sick prostatitis and prostadynia. They usually say that they ache "down there", referring to the genital area. These symptoms coincide with symptoms of chronic non-infectious prostatitis.

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Chlamydia - a latent infection, and from it there is no immunity. So often and secondary infection: chlamydia has treated and then picked up again chlamydia. Therefore, this important prevention: correct way of life, a permanent partnership in the sexual sphere. When cialis tadalafil contacts as a preventive measure may be applied vaginal contraceptives - farmateks and other spermicides. They killed on the spot, not only sperm but also all known germs.

Currently, there are only two directions in the treatment of infectious prostatitis - this antibiotic and the use of immunomodulators, interferon inducers. certain medications drugs are used, depending on the type of pathogen. Unfortunately, after antibiotic therapy, the disease goes into perspektiruyuschuyu form (always present in the body in a latent form).

From natural drugs in the treatment of prostatitis and successfully applied ParaProteX Virago, regardless of the type of agent. However, use of these drugs scheme depends on the type of tadalafil.

Pathogens can be prostatitis and trichomonas, and mycoplasma infection. Currently used against Trichomonas from medication fenidazol, fazezhin, tiberal. The group has already acquired Trichopolum Trichomonas stability.

When physical treatment at this stage will still need to go - for a week to carry out medical treatment, and then drink a course Paraproteksa. After such a complex treatment of Trichomonas being pushed into place in the biocenosis and starts to behave quietly, as it should.

In order lyrical digression: to get tadalafil online of such tenants as trichomonas, mycoplasma, ureaplasma, and candida, unrealistic, and it is not necessary. All of them, as well as many other protozoa, bacteria and viruses - legitimate tenants of our body, so-called conditionally pathogenic microflora, which science had not even pay attention.

In a healthy body all have their place in the total biocoenosis and thus fulfill their role in our body's vital functions. And the immune system does not fight with them, but only oversees that no one "did not get out of the shafts." Just for the reason that a holy place is never empty - at excessive suppression of an infectious agent, it will take place immediately other microorganisms, and it is possible that even more pathogens.

The fact that the predominant tadalafil best agent of infectious prostatitis is simple, does not contradict the statement made above that prostatitis may occur after influenza undertreated. ARI generally accompanied by a whole bunch of upper respiratory tract infections, and urogenital mycoplasma in addition, there is also a pnevmoniynaya. And such a term as "chlamydial pneumonia", is also present in the medical reference.

For example, if bronchitis with coughing is not terminated within two weeks, it may mycoplasmal bronchitis. That's why when coughing can also be used Paraproteks and Virago. And the treatment of infertile couples must also be borne in mind that infertility may be chronic prostatitis. Therefore, if the cause of infertility is not clearly established, conducting pest control program, we did not make a mistake. It is only necessary to consider that should be treated simultaneously for both partners.

Symptoms of chronic noninfectious prostatitis have much in common with the manifestations of chronic infectious prostatitis. The hallmark of non-infectious prostatitis is that urine and prostate secretion sample did not show the presence of bacteria. However, the tadalafil 20 of leukocytes in urine indicates the presence of inflammation.

Although an inflammatory process may occur in the body for many reasons, it is still one of the most common - is hidden, so-called sluggish infection. Doctors understand this, as often with non-infectious prostatitis, despite the negative analysis, prescribe a course of antibiotics at the beginning, according to the principle - "what if?".

After all, the inflammation can be caused by infectious agents that exist today can not identify the tests. Despite the fact that the world around us seems to have long been studied and understood, nature is not just tossed doctors riddle: Chlamydia often commemorated now open and is determined in clinical practice is not so long ago.

Problems with the tadalafil generic and treatment of non-infectious prostatitis is due to the fact that the causes of this disease are not yet fully established. There are many theories, but none of them can not be considered reliable. Here are some of the most likely causes.

Excess sexual activity. Sexually active young people suffering from urethritis, or sexually transmitted diseases (gonorrhea, chlamydia), more likely to develop chronic non-infectious prostatitis.

Conversely, a decrease in sexual activity (decrease in the frequency of sexual contacts) can also contribute to the disease chronic prostatitis. This is due to stagnation of the prostate dosage, which contribute to inflammation in the absence of an infectious agent.

Anxiety and stress. Stressful conditions cause contraction of the perineum muscles involved in urination and defecation (urethra and pelvic floor muscles). This may cause the movement of urine through the urethra to the prostate back, leading to inflammation of the internal tissue of the prostate.

Lifting weights. Lifting weights when filled bladder may also cause the reverse movement of urine through the urethra and its penetration into the prostate gland.

Vibration cialis. Constant vibration loads faced by the prostate, for example, truck drivers may be the cause of more frequent incidence of chronic non-bacterial prostatitis, as well as frequent cycling or jogging. The belief that the equestrian sports or cycling - an excellent means of prevention of prostate diseases, is pure delusion.

In the case of non-infectious prostatitis completely out of place will receive the same natural dietary supplements and antiparasitic interferon inducers. These include vitamin C, extract of Pau d'Arco and other medicinal plants.

You can, of course, and not to treat prostatitis. From it do not die, only the quality of life suffers. You may experience problems with sexual desire, urinating, prostate sclerosis occurs, the continued availability of the source of infection in the body, which suppresses the immune system, may also come back to haunt any hidden disease, prostate are not related.

But the prostate will not work on its own, it may take just life, of which you are for some reason wanted to be together with chlamydia, but not with a beautiful woman, for example ... But it's a private matter of every man.

Prostatodynia likely linked to a stagnation of blood in the pelvis than with the state of the prostate gland. Being in a state of stress, you can not completely relax the muscles that support the bladder and urethra, causing difficulty urinating. Most men suffering from prostadynia apply to persons disturbing sandwiched exposed to stress. Prostatodynia also often occurs in cialis, cyclists, athletes-all-rounders, weight-lifters and truck drivers.